On the Alpha retreat they had a breakthrough

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At MCC we are working to offer three Alpha Courses each year. In the Fall of 2018 we connected with over 50 guests on our Taste of Alpha evening and host about 35 guests for the continuing Alpha Course. This January 2019 we offered our first ever Winter Alpha in the home of an MCC member. We have had 10 guests attend which exceeded our expectations. We are considering a Summer Alpha as well.

Jack and Meagan came to Alpha in the fall of 2018 with lots of questions and challenges. For the first few weeks they were rather quiet in their small group. On the Alpha retreat they had a breakthrough. Since completing Alpha in December they have been regularly attending MCC on Sundays. Jack was baptized as a child and will be making profession of his faith. Meagan has never been baptized and plans on getting baptized on Easter Sunday.

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