Nutrition Options for Wellness is going stellar!

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The NOW (Nutrition Options for Wellness) program, led by Bob Storteboom, shops at our food center.  Streams of Hope offers various healthy choice options including fresh vegetables, gluten-free options, a variety of lean protein as well as recipes/demonstrations.

We have seen several positive outcomes including the following (from Bob):

One client states he did so good with his numbers that his doctor states he no longer is considered diabetic. Another client has just graduated after two years. He wants to give back to the pantry by volunteering. One lady gives back to the pantry by volunteering at night.Many clients like the health classes so well that they take every one of them, even though they only need 6 hours every held year. One lady who graduated still comes back to take our classes. Several clients enjoy the 6-week Simply Fit exercise class that so much that they take it twice a year.

Indeed, we are making a difference with our clients!!!

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