No Way! Another Wedding at Sunday Church

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As Regional Pastor, my work has interesting dimensions. So, when Pastor Wayne Ondersma from THE PIER invited me to be there for what was set to take place on Sunday the 11th, I decided I wanted to witness the excitement. I’m rather glad I did!

Heading over to 4669 S. Division after preaching at another congregation on Byron Ave, I arrived in time to hear Wayne’s concluding words with five specific ways of applying the sermon on dealing with forgiveness. Upon its conclusion, the service moved directly into the wedding ceremony. In doing so, the participating parties were reviving a practice my parental in-laws celebrated in Friesland early in the twenties and later in the fifties in Iron Springs, Alberta for the oldest daughter.

Worship and weddings, what a combination!

Let me share it.

Pastor Wayne spoke pastorally, but also very directly, concerning God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman and the need for repentance when couples engage in living together prior to making vows of commitment. I sensed THE PIER’s fellowship having experienced a journey being concluded with love and celebration. The couple, Paul and Autumn, expressed their personal repentance humbly and honestly. Pastor Wayne followed with words of teaching about marriage and its promises for a God-guided future.

Vows and further pledges of love and commitment were shared and celebrated, concluded by the traditional presenting of, “Mr. and Mrs. Hildebrand.” The family, friends and congregation responded with joy, sang a concluding song, and headed for the cake and congratulating upon receiving an extensive benediction.

Worship at THE PIER concluded.

The wedding took place in church. But, we were all reminded that marriages are to be enjoyed and maintained where we live! And, where we live is where forgiveness needs its application, both inside and outside of marriage.

Celebrating a wedding in church helped to remind all of us present that God had a good plan from its very beginning!

Share your congratulations with this beautiful couple!

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