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Niki and Karen met a few years ago when Niki agreed to help Karen with cleaning and organizing. They hit it off right away and became friends. Over the past few months, Karen has been in Hospice Care and in her last stages of life. Niki contacted VIS to let us know that Karen was really failing and not awake much of the time when she visits. Niki has continued visiting Karen, gently speaking to hear while stroking her forehead to keep her comforted and relaxed. Niki asked for prayers for Karen to comfort her and give her peace.The biggest blessing of all is that Niki is confidant of Karen’s faith as she recently renewed her relationship with Christ! Praise the Lord!

Ways you can serve:

VIS receives many serving opportunity requests. If you are able to assist with these requests, please contact Rosemary Tymes at
Minor home repairs
  1. Faye is 63 and has a new vanity that she would like installed. The old vanity needs to be removed. Location: near Kalamazoo and 36th St. SE
  2. Emma is 62 and would like her living room/sitting room painted. She has two gallons of paint and a roller and pan. Location: near Wealthy and Fuller SE
  3. Kevin is 49, is very obese and confined to a wheelchair. Mary Free Bed made a larger doorway out the back door, but he’s not able to get out because he can’t get his wheelchair through the grass. He has not been able to get to doctor’s appointments because he can’t get out to get the GoBus, so his health is deteriorating. Kevin purchased tiles to create a pathway out his back door, but he doesn’t have a way to get it done. Kevin has tiles to put down but needs a volunteer to help. Location: near Leonard and Diamond NE.
  4. Nancy is 70 and needs two ceiling fans replaced and her medicine cabinet in the bathroom needs to be replaced. She has the new fans and the medicine cabinet. Location: near 36th St. and Clay Ave. SW.
  5. Tracy is 60 and would like her window air conditioner unit put in. Location: 32nd St. near Clyde Park SW
Cleaning and Organizing
  1. Olivia is 50 years old and is struggling to get her apartment organized and cleaned. She feels once it’s done, she can keep up with it. She has cleaning supplies. Location: near Plymouth and Leonard NE.
  2. Helen is 65 and lives in in a mobile home park. Her backyard tent shed got wet. The items in the shed need to be taken out to remove a wet rug, and then put the items back. She is receiving citations from the park regarding this. Location: Rockford
  3. Brenda is 62 and would like help with vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen floor, and dusting. Brenda finds it very difficult to clean because of back pain. She is also recovering from knee surgery. Location: Remembrance Road near Leonard NW
  4. Julie is 63, broke her arm and needs help with some cleaning for a few weeks until it is fully functional again. She would like help with spring cleaning i.e. windows, moving furniture to clean, etc… Location: near Covell and Lake Michigan Drive NW
  5. Eddie is 62 and in need of someone to clean his house once a month. He is disabled. His wife passed away a year ago. Location: Clyde Park near 32nd St. SW
Mother’s Helper/Mentor
  1. Amanda would like a mother’s helper. She’s new to the area, has a baby, and would like an extra pair of hands to watch the baby while she makes dinner or cleans. Amanda and her husband live in the Ramblewood Apartments in Wyoming.

“When people serve, they get into a spot where it forces their faith to grow. The problems are too complex, the families are too broken, the thinking is too distorted. People are forced back to reliance on God to do anything, to impact lives for Christ.” Quote from a volunteer
Submitted by Volunteers In Service

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