New Beginnings

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The black darkness of night with its starry skies slowly fades away, the muted colors of dawn creeping in slowly.  Like a breath of fresh air, light embraces the world once again.  Pink and orange skies give way to blues and grays.  The blanket of snow glitters beneath, its windswept waves and icy layers glisten with the morning sunlight.  The air is cold, but not sharp.  It is a beautiful morning.

But this day is not like any other day, for today something new is beginning, something special.  My dearest sister is finally saying “I do” to the man of her dreams.  May I introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. DeLange!

Many months of preparation, of stress and tears, of joy and happiness lead up to this one day.  Hair is curled, shirts are pressed, flowers are pinned, coffee is drunk, and tears are secretly wiped away.  Friends and family from all over come together to visibly show their loving support to the couple.  Everything looks as if it came from a dream; however, the glitz and glam of the event cannot outshine the happiness of Sarah and Jordan.

To commit so wholeheartedly to someone, to say “we for eternity”, to swear that before God “you are mine and I am yours” is such a powerful thing.

Unlike friends and family from whom you can “break ties with” (no matter how painful or difficult it may be), a marriage is something altogether different.  The bond between you two and God is something chosen and something fought for.  The moment you say “I do” you are in essence saying “I know that hard times will come BUT I am committed to you and to God and so that, come what may, we will find a way through it together.”  Marriage has greviously become so flippant nowadays, and divorce is seen as an easy and logical way out.  But that’s not what marriage is or should be.  You don’t stand up in front of everyone in church and say “I do until I’m sick of you” to the man or woman of your dreams.  You don’t say, “So I think this is fun and a good idea for now, but just know, buddy, that if you get on my nerves I can totally divorce you.”  You don’t say, “I will love you and commit to you so long as it’s beneficial for me”.  No!  Those are unions between allies, an agreement struck between two business partners, a peace accord between two parties.  That’s not a marriage.  A marriage is deeper, stronger, longer, and harder.

Today, I want to be the first to raise my glass to those who’ve said “I do”.

You have chosen to say yes, and for that I both admire and respect you.  May you forever choose peace over hatred, union over separation, love over apathy.  May we, your friends and family, ever support you in this beautiful and challenging journey.  May God turn His face towards you and give you His strength and peace.

My final toast of the day: to Sarah and Jordan!  May your love for each other be like Christ’s love for his Church—never-ending and all-enduring.

Photo Credit: Elaine DeLange

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