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January 16, 2019

Needed to travel to Mayo Clinic for medical treatment

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Access of West Michigan Ministry Update – Winter 2019

Jill* approached a community partner for funds when she found out that her 15 year old son would need to travel to Mayo Clinic for medical treatment. Having no alternatives, the community partner asked Access to coordinate shared congregation funds that supplied the family with travel costs to Mayo. The congregation network responded in full within a day of the request being sent out; Access staff booked the rental car, hotel accommodation, and were able to purchase gas and food gift cards, providing not only material supplies but peace of mind and support for Jill and her son.

Sam* told us that he was resistant to asking for assistance from a congregation when the car he used for work broke down, but after pursuing other options he realized there were no community funds or loans for car repair. When several congregations pooled funds to meet his bill, Sam saw it as God’s direct provision and felt renewed in his relationship with the Lord.

Access supported One West Michigan and CityFest by leading the anti-racism team, as well as partnering to facilitate Stand Against Racism.

Access hosted Resource Roundtables on cultural sensitivity, public policy, and housing issues.

Submitted by Emma Garcia
Access of West Michigan

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