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Mission of the Month was a huge success in November and December. Our November mission was Streams of Hope. In the months leading up, I was able to meet with the team as Streams of Hope and learn about their organization and the great work they do. As a church we raised financial support and did a food drive for items requested. At the end of the month, I filled the back of my SUV with groceries and delivered them to Streams of Hope. Additionally, our church raised over $3,000. It was a huge success.

In December, we supported World Renew through their Gift Catalog. Throughout the month, we showed videos about World Renew. The month started with a sermon that talked about the basics needs of life and how many people don’t have simple things like safe water. We challenged the congregation to give money so we as church could purchase food/livestock, water, sanitation, and education to meet the basic needs of life. Our goal was $2,500. We surpassed our goal and once again raised over $3,000.

It’s been amazing to watch our congregation learn about these great organizations and make significant gifts to help them fulfill their mission.

Ministry update submitted by Jonathan Norder, Kelloggsville Church
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