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October 11, 2022

Lori was experiencing housing uncertainty

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Lori has been a VIS Friend since 2019. Her needs ranged from furniture, transportation to medical appointments, and friendly calls/cards. She has two friendly visitors who are faithful in showing God’s grace and love. She has developed a friendship with these women. This friendship led to their giving her a birthday and starting a Bible study. The emotional support Lori received from the two friends gave her hope when it seemed to be slipping away.

Recently, Lori was experiencing housing uncertainty due to a unique set of circumstances. She had nowhere to go because of a past eviction. Legal Aide of West Michigan was able to help her reconcile the eviction and Lori was able to move into another home where the rent was less than her previous home. Her friendly visitors and some of VIS staff helped her with the move. Lori later expressed her gratitude to the VIS staff and VIS friendly visitors for their help, and thanked all the people who have prayed for her during this uncertainty. She expressed it warms her heart to know people care so much about her. She was so happy and praising God for answering her prayer. Praise God for opening these doors and in perfect time.

Submitted by Suzanne Reinink, Volunteers In Service
Diaconal Ministry Report

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