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November 1, 2021

Kids in our full facility again!

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After having to severely limit and alter our program last school year in adherence to state Covid regulations, we are thrilled to be able to open our full facility this year. August and September largely involved aggressive recruiting efforts for new volunteers. We also held our outdoor Refuel Station, which provides students with a to-go dinner and outdoor activities. This week, we were able to open our full facility indoors!

Students were able to utilize our large group space and engage in multiple activities including pool, ping-pong, and crafts. After a full meal, we were privileged to share with them from the Word of God during our Crosstalk session. It was so good to have kids in our full facility again!

The Dock Ministries serves the students of the Kelloggsville Public School Community by providing a no cost after school program. Attending students receive an after school meal, supervised activities, mentoring, academic tutoring, and the gospel message. We are staffed by a team of volunteers and rely on donations from supporting churches, individuals, and local businesses for financial support.

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