“It is just the perfect place to worship”

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“It is just the perfect place to worship – close to campus and right in the city, our mission field.” Sarah – new downtown student

This fall we have been blessed to partner with Bridge Street Ministries in the use of the their brightly renovated Eden Café for our downtown Sunday Well services. This location off of Bridge Street down near Lincoln Park is a perfect space for creative worship and is centered right in the midst of the community we are a part of and serve. Each week we seem to be finding new ways to use this space, impacting students and even guest from the community who see us inside.

As this year takes off we are challenging our leaders to think creatively as we seek to impact lives in new ways. It has been so fun to open the nights at Eden with a meal for our interns and leaders, move into the next room for some awesome worship and then lift the garage doors that separate the coffee shop from the worship space and have snacks and drinks for all. Students fill the space long after worship with conversations and laughter—often staying around for two hours after the service is over!

Please consider yourself invited to worship some Sunday at 7:00 at the Eden Café and experience for yourself how God is using CM@GVSU downtown in new and mighty ways.

Submitted by Cody Zuiderveen, Campus Ministry at GVSU Downtown
New Church Development Ministry Report

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