It Hurts to Say “No”

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Raquel and Ruth were excited about learning English at Roosevelt Park Ministries. But when they approached us to take classes our Spring semester was already closed to new students and we had no room in our small building to host more sessions. Worse yet, they were not the only ones.

So, we prayed and looked for solutions outside our limited facility. We met with the Hispanic Center just a few blocks away and they were excited about hosting the class if we would provide the teacher and curriculum. God provided Isaiah, an intern from Calvin University, and within a few weeks we launched our first offsite ESL course with 12 students – men and women to whom we would have had to say “No” just a month prior.

Our ESL classes are just one of the ways we are building bridges between cultures and languages using literacy and the love of Jesus. Our enrollment grew 60% last year, and this Spring it was up an additional 18%. We need more space and more volunteers who can help teach English as a second language to adults, many of whom are here as refugees and immigrants.

In another exciting answer to prayer, the property right next to us came up for sale, and the owners wanted us to have it so we could expand our ministry in the neighborhood. Despite receiving a full-price offer, they agreed to sell it to us for well under market value. Please pray that God will provide people with a heart and vision for our low-income, minority community, who can help us raise the $280,000 we need to complete the purchase of the property.

Because of your partnership, Roosevelt Park Ministries is meeting the social, educational, and spiritual needs of people from all over the world who are now our next-door neighbors. I am joyfully grateful for your support that makes this possible.

– Joel B Groat
Exec Dir

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