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Opportunities to Serve:

VIS receives many calls daily that translate into opportunities to witness Christ’s love through service in the local community. Below is a small sample of the MANY service opportunities currently on our wait-list. Give VIS a call or visit today to learn how you can join Christ’s work in your community.

URGENT: House Cleaning

Many VIS Friends do not have the physical capability to clean their house or apartment. Volunteers are needed in all quadrants of Grand Rapids to serve with an open heart. This is a great opportunity for individuals or teams of 2-3 people to serve together. Generally two hours or less is needed. If you are able to help, please contact David at or call 616 459-7500.

Transportation Volunteer

Due to a decline in both funding and manpower for community services, VIS continues to receive an increasing number of requests from people who need help with the following errands:

1.    Transportation to and from medical appointments

2.    Picking up and delivering food pantry items

3.    Driving individuals to and from the grocery store

The majority of our VIS Friends are independent in the store. Because of the increasing demand, WE NEED MORE HELP! If you are interested, please contact Rosemary or call 616 459-7500.

Friendly Visitor

Jim is the primary caregiver for his spouse, a retired special education teacher. Linda is struggling with dementia and losing her eyesight. She used to enjoy sewing and knitting and is now wheelchair and recliner bound. Jim would appreciate a friendly visitor volunteer coming to visit with his wife to enhance her quality of life. To learn more, please contact David at or call 616 459-7500.

Social Outings or Phone Visits

Nancy often finds herself socially isolated due to depression and bipolar disorder. She is frequently nervous and embarrassed to ask for help. Nancy knows she would benefit from getting out of the house and could use a friend for encouragement. Even regular, supportive phone calls would be appreciated. In you are interested in walking with Nancy in compassion, please contact Cori at or call 616 459-7500.

Service Project

Raymond is a 62 years old and disabled. He lives near 44th and Division and is looking for assistance putting up plastic on his windows for the winter. He is physically unable to do it on his own. Raymond can provide the supplies. Volunteers may need their own tools. If interested, please contact Debbie at or call 616 459-7500.

VIS always has a waiting list of opportunities to serve individuals who need help with small home repair projects, assistance cleaning out a room of their home or organizing their belongings to be donated or discarded. These are often fun projects for a couple friends to tackle together. To learn more, please contact Cori at or call 616 459-7500.


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