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In January of 2023 we launched a ministry called Cradles of Grace and truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect. This ministry was intended to reach the un-reached, those who maybe look different, those who don’t have a Bible, those who don’t know the Lord, those who are searching for something more, but a traditional Sunday morning isn’t where they are going to look.

I was humbled and challenged as individuals showed up who are living in housing crisis, financial crisis, broken relationships, addictions etc… More recently I was humbled when a Dad of one of our attenders approached me with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and said, “I just want to thank you for mentoring my daughter.” I also had an Aunt of one of our attenders approach me and said, “I have just seen huge transformation in her life – she’s a different person sense she’s been attending.”

Many who don’t have Bibles have asked for Bibles and that’s a difficult ask because in their minds it’s a shameful thing to not have a Bible. These individuals are realizing that they have a community where they can come and it’s a safe place. They are also realizing that they have others in their same wheelhouse, and they are dealing with similar things and as they realize that; that shame begins to fall off and as they experience the Love of Jesus, they begin to find that freedom.

To God be the glory.

– Jessica Kuncaitis
inSpirit Church

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