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October 19, 2022

In need of life transformation

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Through our ESL and computer classes God continues to bring us people in need of life transformation. Miguel and Henry are a recent example. When they walked into our offices about a month ago they were hungry, tired, penniless, and unemployed.

Yet, the reason they came to RPM was because they wanted to take English classes.

They’d traveled on foot from Ecuador, through Colombia, Central America, and Mexico, turning themselves in at the border of Texas seeking asylum.

Miguel, a mechanical engineer, had been exiled from Cuba over a year ago, surviving as a nomad, working in different countries. While working in Ecuador, he met Henry, an Ecuadorian registered nurse, and they developed a close friendship.

Last September they decided they both wanted a better life for themselves and started the trek to the United States.

For nearly 6 months they braved tropical forests, dysentery, heat, hunger, dehydration, COVID-19, and pandillas (gangs). Providentially, both were granted asylum in the United States and released to apply for work permits and eventual residency.

We connected them with other ministries that could help with food and clothing. They didn’t have money so we offered them the option of doing volunteer work to cover their memberships and course materials. They readily and gratefully accepted and enrolled in our Fall semester classes where they are attending regularly.

They’ve found a place to live, gotten jobs, purchased bicycles for transportation, and are optimistic about their futures.

Thank you for your support of RPM, and your part in bringing, help, hope, and transformation to people like Miguel and Henry. We are grateful for your partnership.

Submitted by Joel B Groat, Roosevelt Park Ministries
Diaconal Ministry Report

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