Impacted certain members very deeply

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Monroe Community Church (MCC) is working to grow capacity for mission in the downtown area of Grand Rapids. We have networked with area churches, we have developed new structures to help equip and train leaders, and we have done the best we can to survive the pandemic. Like many churches we have had our struggles.

MCC ran a mostly successful Leadership Cohort from October 2020 to March 2021. The cohort meet every other week and talked its way through several modules related to leadership (Calling, Conflict Resolution, Personality and leadership, Pastoral Care). Participants would do a light amount of homework in preparation for the cohort and we then discussed the selected topic for several sessions, each member participating.

We learned a lot.

Zoom, though an adequate stop gap, really prevents the group from bonding deeply.

We also discovered that an online format may prevent good conflict management within the group, members do disagree from time to time. Overall, the cohort did provide fertile ground for group members to reflect on their ministry, gifts, skills, and assumption. I think it has impacted certain members very deeply causing true change.

I think there is something here for Classis to expand upon.

Submitted by Jim Boer
New Church Development Ministry report

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