“I prayed for the first time in my life today.”

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Monroe Community Church ministry update:

On our Winter *Alpha retreat weekend a woman in attendance had been very quiet. As we were checking in with one another prior to leaving she shared this – “I just want you all to know that I prayed for the first time in my life today”.

Alpha places us on the front lines of people’s spiritual lives. It is a privilege to help people find the love of Christ!

*Alpha is a small group outreach experience that involves several things; warm hospitality, a presentation of a message about the christian faith, and a listening conversation following the message. We are gearing up to offer Alpha year round. We will offer on “big” Alpha in the fall and two smaller Alpha’s in the Spring and summer. The smaller Alpha’s will take place in alternate spaces, homes, restaurants, other venues. A significant amount of coordination and training occurs prior to an Alpha.

Submitted by Jim Boer

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