Hundreds of Families Receive Hope

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Streams of Hope Winter Ministry Report 2019

Streams of Hope has picked up clients from the John Knox Food Center over the past couple of months due to their transition. A lot of prayer from staff and volunteers made it possible to be able to provide for the extra 100-125 families per month. Consequently, Streams of Hope saw on the average of 675 families each month (an average of 125 over our regular months).

What kind of things happen at the after-school programs at Streams of Hope? We’re glad you asked!

A middle school student says, “They teach us about God, and they make sure we’re not lonely. And if we’re down, they help us up.” And another high school young man mentioned, “I never had a father in my life, so when Jeff comes around, he’s like the ‘dad.’ They talk to us, try to keep us out of trouble; they treat us like their own, like we’re family.”

What do these after-school programs offer students? “Something happens with students’ self- confidence. It’s like, coming here makes them realize there’s a net. They’re not going to fail,” explains student leader Sue.

One mentor, George, describes it this way: “Streams of Hope – [we’re] trying to bring hope to the kids, that if they trust in the Lord with all their heart, and lean not on their own understanding, and in all their ways acknowledge Him, He will make their path straight, and give them that hope for the future.”

3 neighboring schools to our campus have a population that is 90% eligible for federal assistance. “We know that there are strong families within those school systems,” says Executive Director Paul Holtrop, “but they also need some additional support in order to thrive.” These programs are just that – additional support.

God has blessed our hands and allowed programs like after-school activities, tutoring, and young adult mentoring to impact students in our neighborhood for the better.

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