Hosting a movie and dinner fellowship event

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Before the Covid pandemic began, our outreach team had discussed hosting a movie and dinner fellowship event at our church. Our plan was to invite a small group of neighborhood outreach contacts to come for a night of food, faith, and fun so we could continue to connect with each other and build up relationships with those we are trying to reach.

After two years of waiting, we were finally able to move forward with our plans and had a great night with about 15 people in attendance!! We chose to watch “The Shack” which has a wonderful message about faith and forgiveness, with a short open discussion afterwards. The movie topic touched people and we were able to have some very Spirit-led conversations that night and in the days that followed.

What I love most about this story is that even though we ended up an hour behind due to technical difficulties, no one complained or got frustrated with the delay and left. Everyone was happy to hang out and spend time together, building relationships, supporting, and encouraging each other in their faith. Praising God for all the ways He is working through our ministries and outreach events!!

Community CRC Outreach
Submitted by Robin Claussen
Establish Church Development

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