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I was hoping that you’ll ask me out.

I hoped that I’ll get an invite to the prom.

I hoped they’ll call me back for a second interview.

I was really hoping for a negative biopsy test result.

I really hoped she would give me a second chance.

I hoped the business would take off this year.

I hoped that he would graduate this year.

I hope the courts would not redefine marriage.

I hoped I’ll get into that graduate program.


Hope is often what drives us. Hoping is what fuels our days with energy and focus.

It is often linked to a vision we have regarding a desired future state of affairs. We like to hope that the future will pen out the way we desire.

The terminally ill person hopes to make it to the next birthday or marriage anniversary.

The worker hopes he would be able to retire from this company or organization.

The manager hopes to surpass expectations for the next quarter or year.

Teachers hope students would prove they’ve made a huge progress at the end of the school year.

Spouses hope their marriage would not only survive tough times, but would also thrive.

Politicians hope to be reelected for another term.

Prisoners hope the parole board will let them out earlier.

Expectant mothers hope to carry the pregnancy to the due date.

Parents hope to see their growing kids turn our good.

Survivors hope for loved ones alive under the rubble.

Disciples hope that Jesus will one day change things for good and forever.

We hope onfaithmanyfaces’ website would become a place people would flock to…

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