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December 1, 2014

There IS hope!

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A testimony by Richard V.

When I began the journey back into prison I felt completely and utterly lost, angry, alone, and without hope. I was full of bitterness, rage, and hated God, falsely accusing Him of not helping me in my time of need. For many years I wondered if I was destined to fail and be a “loser” the rest of my life. I just could not see any good in my future.”

While I was at Bellamy Creek prison, I met a good friend who I knew outside of prison. Both of our families were friends and we knew each other well. However, I now saw someone different. He seemed to be at peace and had a happy glow that was visible from a distance. The depressed, lost young man I once knew was gone. He had been attending the Celebration Fellowship prison church and invited me to join him for the Tuesday Bible Study and worship.

Initially, I spent a lot of time resisting the pull of the Holy Spirit but slowly, after a few months, I began to talk, sing, and join in the Bible discussions, even sitting in the front row. In retrospect, had it not been for my friend listening to the call of God to reach out to me, and the many, many prayers of Celebration Fellowship family members, I don’t know where I’d be now.

With the support of Celebration Fellowship, I am able to say there is hope, even for someone like me who had fallen away more times than I could count. God has shown me mercy. To this day, as a free man, I’ve been blessed more than I deserve. I’ve also come to realize that prayer is powerful and the ultimate answer to facing difficult times. When I feel alone, depressed, or without hope, I just remember where I was and what God has done for me through the love and sup-
port of others. I’ve also learned that freedom is not just being outside those barbwired fences. I never remember feeling this free in the “free” world. My relationship with Jesus has made all the difference. That is my only hope. Thanks be to God!

Story presented by Celebration Fellowship – a partner in ministry with us

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