Helping Fixing Serving


(When we help, we see life as weak.)

Helping is based on inequality.

Helping is using your own strength to help those with lesser strength.

Helping incurs debt – someone owes us one.

Helping gives us a feeling of satisfaction.

Helping can take away from people their ability to be part of the solution.

Helping can foster low self-esteem and sense of worth.

Helping can be draining and depleting and cause burn out.


(When we fix, we see life as broken.)

When I fix, I perceive a person as broken.

In fixing, there is inequality of expertise.

Fixing results in dependence.

Fixing is taking over responsibilities of another person.

Fixing robs people the freedom of being themselves as you correct or alter them to be the way you want them to be.

Fixing is an experience of mastery.

Fixing can become a controlling mechanism.


(When we serve, we see ourselves as servants who are part of God’s story.)

Service is a relationship between equals.

Service takes the focus away from us and puts it on those we serve.

Serving fosters a feeling of gratitude.

Serving is the work of the soul.

Serving helps the one serving as well as others.

Service is renewing.

Serving is being a servant.

Serving is honoring the knowledge of those you serve.

Serving is responding to a problem and collaborating with others to find a solution.

Serving is asking questions, i.e. “what support is needed to be successful.”

Serving is listening.

Serving is empowering people.

Serving models Jesus.

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