Grateful for the vitality of the Monroe Community Church

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Monroe Community Church is a downtown Grand Rapids church plant project that launched in 2003. As with any church plant, MCC has seen cycles in her life as a community; early growth was followed by some years of plateau, which led to some decline, which reversed into a season of growth. Here are some recent numbers that help tell the story.

• In 2016, MCC saw a 4-week peak of 88 (winter) and a low of 49 (summer)
• In 2019, MCC saw a 4-week peak of 130 (winter) and a low of 107 (spring)

Currently MCC is averaging 120 – 130 worshipers each week with approximately 170 people who call MCC home. This past Easter, we saw our all-time record high in attendance with 189 worshipers.
From 2016 to 2018, MCC has seen an astonishing 47.7% growth in attendance. We hope to continue this growth going forward.

In 2019, the Barnabas Foundation approached MCC to offer a long-term, low-cost lease in a newly purchased building down the street. Along with the low-cost lease, additional funds were granted to renovate the current space for the purpose of worship and community ministry. This gift gives MCC a permanent place in the North Monroe neighborhood, immune to any building or landlord changes.

We are grateful for the vitality of the Monroe Community Church.

One of the ways funds from Classis South helps MCC is by increasing our staff capacity and reach into the city. This fall Daniel Joo, a candidate for the ministry in the CRC, joined MCC as a short term resident pastor. His ministry was so well received at MCC that we have worked to raise funds to support calling him on January 26, 2020.

Daniel has helped MCC host a BURN night. BURN is a worship movement among college age students. Over 75 people participated in our first BURN on January 17, 2020.

MCC has also seen some remarkable answers to prayer. Two people connected to the ministry report stories of remarkable healing and breakthrough.

Submitted by Jim Boer
New Church Development Quarterly Report
Winter 2020

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