God’s Provisions

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“In the past 4 years, I’ve had 6 eye surgeries. I’m blind in one eye due to nerve damage and a whole host of other issues. I came to church one Sunday night and a member from the church pulled me aside. He knew what I was going through and mentioned that he had a colleague who was an eye surgeon and got me in to see him the next day. Two surgeons saw me the same day and got me in for surgery the following day to do a trial treatment.

God made our eyes so intricate. To find someone who can go in and fix something so intricate and small amazes me. I often joke with my surgeons and ask if I can see what’s inside his magical tool box…

To date, I’ve had 4 surgeries on one of my eyes, the last which was in January of this year. Because of the many surgeries and blindness in one eye, I’ve been out of work for almost a year. I’m beyond thankful for relationships within the church who support and help those in need.

Where have I seen God you ask? Right here in this community! God provides through random people who we don’t even know and also those we’ve known for long periods of time. We’ve been so blessed through their connections, financial blessings and lots of prayers. We serve a great God!”

Bob Nichols | Covenant CRC

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