Experiencing God Through Others

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“I grew up in Christian faith and unfortunately, experienced a lot of death at a very young age. I found myself asking God “why would you do such a thing” and really found myself struggling with what He was doing. God brought great influential people into my life, in particular, a woman named Jess. Jess was my Young Life leader. She had been through similar experiences and I finally felt like I found someone who could relate to me. As I was still battling through this pain and heartache, I saw someone else who had a similar experience but was on the other side of it.

Because of my relationship with her, it gave me the chance to become a Young Life leader myself, as well as serve in coffee break to specifically walk alongside others who struggle and need someone else to talk to. Through my time volunteering, it’s quite fun to work with and hear the testimony of multiple generational faiths.

I’ve learned so much from many of them and hopefully I, too have touched some in a small way.”

Kim DeVries | Covenant CRC

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