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February 6, 2020

Establishing a safe and loving home for her children

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“Alyssa”, a mom of two boys and survivor of domestic violence was referred to VIS for support and assistance as she began rebuilding her life. Throughout 2019, VIS, in partnership with agencies and churches, was able to assist “Alyssa” with 22 identified needs.

Her apartment today has most everything in it she needs, she has no vehicle but receives transportation from willing church volunteers through VIS. “Alyssa” does not engage in self-pity nor does she want others to pity her. She is positive, hopeful and steadfast in her efforts to live within her means. That means that birthday and Christmas gifts for her boys, all coming in December, are not possible.

To celebrate and encourage “Alyssa” for all her hard work in establishing a safe and loving home for her children, a group from a nearby church collected money to give to “Alyssa” to use at her own discretion. Rather than give Alyssa gifts, they gave her the money which allowed her to shop and pick out items she wanted to give to her boys. She also, for the first time in many years, picked out something for herself.

“Alyssa” has since been invited by a mother of her son’s classmate to attend church. Also, later this Spring “Alyssa” will begin meeting with a Christian mentor–a mother of three–a connection that VIS helped to facilitate.

Join with us in praying for her spiritual growth in 2020.

Submitted by Bernita Tuinenga
Diaconal Ministry Report – winter 2020

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