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We are so thankful to be partnered with a ministry that comes alongside children! Great job!


Our Anthem students stepped up to the plate this year! This year at The DOCK, we saw high school students running the candy store, tutoring middle school students, and reaching out to the lonely and hurting. Many of these students have been coming to The DOCK since they were in middle school and they all know what it’s like to be in middle school, so it was a blessing to watch them take what they have learned from The DOCK Team and put it into practice. Because our high school students reached out, our middle school students know that someone cares. This is a beautiful picture of discipleship and we are so blessed by all our high school students!

Partnership for the Gospel – Accelerate

As the Body of Christ, we are called to work together for the Kingdom. This was evident this year through a pilot program at Kelloggsville High School called Accelerate. In connection with One Wyoming 1 on 1, Evergreen Ministries, and A Father’s Walk, members of The DOCK Team met weekly with students at the high school during one lunch hour per week. The purpose of this program is to teach students about leadership. The students were chosen by teachers and DOCK staff as students who show potential, but may not have the opportunity to show it. From day one they were told that they were chosen because someone believes in them; for some students this may have been the first time they heard this. It was a pleasure to get to know these students and to see them grow over the semester.

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