The DOCK continues to impact lives

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Recently, The DOCK held its annual benefit dinner to help spread the word and grow the support of The DOCK.

As part of the dinner, we invited some of the students of The DOCK to share their experiences. This year, we were blessed to have six of our students involved. First, four of our sixth grade students shared about why they enjoy The DOCK. While “hanging out with friends” is always top on the list, they also shared how The DOCK has helped them learn more about God and helped them with their schoolwork.

It is encouraging to hear from the students that God is making a difference in their lives. They also shared what they dream to be when they get older, which included: a Paleontologist, a Marine, a Doctor, and a Professional Football Player/Police Officer. The DOCK Team hopes that the encouragement and support that we give our students now will help build some healthy habits and goals so they can achieve their dreams.

In addition to these four sixth grade students, two of our high school interns shared about their experiences. Throughout this year, these girls have been going through the GRIL U (Grand Rapids Initiative for Leaders University) Program and have been actively serving as leaders with our middle school students. Both girls expressed how challenging this year has been, but also how much they have grown while being stretched out of their comfort zone.

It is a blessing to watch these girls grow from being in middle school to now serving the younger students and as they grow in their faith.

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