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A year ago, I was introduced to a lady who was a first time visitor to our church. She was in a very dark spot at the time-searching for answers and wanting to improve her life. Over several conversations, I realized that she and I had things in common as I had battled some of the same issues that she is struggling with now. The Lord has helped me overcome so many things in my life, so I felt led to walk alongside her and encourage her to seek the Lord and grow in her faith.

At first it was difficult because she was very hesitant to be involved in anything other than one-on-one type situations with me due to her trust issues and bad experiences at another church – but over this past year, I was able to gain her trust and she and I have developed a discipling relationship as well as a friendship. I have counseled, encouraged, and spent time with her on a weekly basis-inviting her to events and worship services, meeting up for individual Bible studies, and encouraging her to open up and build relationships and connect with others by getting involved in service and volunteering for church events.

I am blessed and so excited to see her still seeking and growing in her relationship with the Lord; serving others, getting involved in volunteering thru various church ministries and opportunities, and taking the steps to officially become a member of our church family. That is why I love Outreach Ministry so much.

Lives and hearts are changed because nothing is impossible with God!!!

Submitted by Robin Claussen
Established Church Ministry Report

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