Cuban Worship

The English as a Second Language team was composed this year of 15 people of all ages and coming from a variety of churches in West Michigan. We have been privileged to take a short term mission trip to Cuba in January – February 2015. We used Air Canada and flew to Havana from Toronto, leaving behind all of our mobile devices and internet or phone communications.

Internet is virtually unavailable on the Cuban island and cell phones are strictly controlled and restricted. Given the fact that satellite phones are illegal all of our mobile phones were reduced to cameras during the nine days we all lived on the island.

One of the greatest blessings we had was to worship with the Cuban churches, particularly with house churches. It is well know that Cubans love music and they do seem to have a gift for music. Many of the Cuban churches use indigenous music in their worship and they are really enjoying worshipping God with all their strength, talent and creativity.

Take a look at this worship time during a Thursday night worship service in a house church in Bolondron, a small town on the Cuban island.

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