A Coffee and Conversations Sunday Series

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Once or twice a year Discovery Church hosts Coffee & Conversations (C&C) on Sunday mornings before worship. For 4-6 consecutive weeks a continental breakfast is served and then people are invited to join round table discussions of 5-9 individuals.

The discussions are centered on the morning’s sermon, whether that be a Bible text or theme. Discussion questions are prepared and each round table has a table host who is responsible for facilitating the 30-40 minute discussion. Round table discussions are intergenerational as Middle Schoolers and some Elementary students join in. Each week people can stay in their round table discussion groups, or join a new round table—it is up to each one. There is a 10 minute transition from C&C to corporate worship, but it is hard to get people settled back in!

There are several wonderful things that have come out of C&C:

Looking Forward

People tend to look forward to the morning sermon more, wondering how Pastor Paul will handle the studied text or theme.


People anticipate what the “big idea” will be and if some of the questions brought up in round table discussions will be addressed.

Increased Buzz

There is also an increased buzz of excitement during C&C, the time of transition to worship, and throughout worship itself. People are talking to each other more, and talking to people they might not usually talk to.

Introduced to discipleship groups

C&C also introduces people to the experience of being in a Discipleship Group. While Discipleship Groups are promoted throughout the year, this is a way for some people to taste and see what a Group can be like.

Some people say that what happens during coffee time after worship comes close to the sense of community the early church shared. Coffee & Conversations is one way to spread that community and spiritual growth over the whole of Sunday morning.

People want to belong—
we pray that church leaders continue to explore ways to meet this need that God has placed within humanity.

Written by Rev. Paul Sausser

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