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What have you discovered in your educational and ministry develop in the last year?
Last year I took a preaching class at CTS; this was a good experience for me. Since then, I have had the opportunity to preach several times, mostly at my church (LaGrave Ave. CRC), and I really enjoy preaching — something I never thought I would say. The people at church have been very encouraging of things I am doing: preaching, serving as liturgist, visiting homebound people, etc. My gifts for ministry have been affirmed again and again. I am grateful for this and give God all the glory.
I finished the Certificate for Pastoral Leadership in the fall and will continue classes in the spring at CTS (probably enrolling in the MDiv program).
I appreciate the financial aid I receive from classis. Thank you very much!

I have been serving in a variety of capacities in Christ’s church for over 25 years — mainly in music and worship leadership — but in the last few years, I have had the privilege of visiting people who are dealing with health concerns or who are struggling in other ways.  It has been a rewarding experience to step into these people’s lives and encourage them with God’s Word and in prayer.  Many people have responded positively to this, and my current activities at LaGrave Avenue Church, some of which involve pastoral care, have also been affirming of this gift. I believe that God is calling me to seminary studies, and at least for now, to focus on pastoral care.  However, I also I need to be listening to his Spirit for what he may call me to do in the future — knowing that it may extend beyond just pastoral care.

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