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February 1, 2022

As family she never had

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Volunteers “Melanie” and “Sara” were strangers until they were introduced to “Trudy.”

Trudy was referred to VIS nearly two years ago for a ride to an appointment, which is how she met Melanie. Over time Trudy also met Sara who was able to give additional support. Today Trudy has both women loving and supporting her, a friendship that she has never experienced. Trudy admires and appreciates Melanie and Sara very much, but she doesn’t feel worthy of their friendship. She sees Melanie and Sara as “angels” and as family she has never had.

Melanie and Sara share, “We feel privileged that God has made our lives intersect. Trudy is asking questions about the Bible and is reading the Bible for the first time in her life. We need to pray for her spirit, that she will come to know just how much God loves and values her.”

Leading hearts to God is at the top of the list for acts of service.

Praise God that Melanie and Sara, through their actions and words, are inspiring their new friend to accept and love God!

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