Monroe Community Church recognized as a Hub Church

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Our Winter Alpha has just concluded.

We, Monroe Community Church (MCC), decided to try something new with this Alpha and we hosted it on the campus of a local college. We had 9 students attend, we had 5 new volunteers train and participate (this is a big deal as Alpha is run on volunteer power).

The outbreak of Covid-19 compromised the last few sessions of this Alpha. However, we were able to host the Retreat Weekend prior to the outbreak.

The most encouraging story in recent months is that Alpha USA has recognized our efforts and designated us as a Hub Church.

The responsibilities of a Hub Church are to be a resource for the wider community of churches for Alpha. In the past several months MCC has, along with regional and local Alpha leadership, recruited some of the largest churches in the area to begin an Alpha ministry. Mars Hill, Calvary Undenominational, Ada Bible, and Crossroads Bible church have all signed on as partners.

Most exciting for MCC is that Crossroads Bible, our neighbor just across the river, has decided to join MCC for her fall Alpha . We are certain that more churches doing Alpha is key to reaching West Michigan for the Kingdom of God.

We can not thank you enough for your support. Since supporting Alpha at MCC over 20 people have come to Christ and now there is a growing network of churches working together to pray and reach people with the gospel.

At MCC our goal is to host three Alpha’s a year, fall, winter, and Spring. Right now we are hosting a fall and winter Alpha (we are still growing into our vision).

Submitted by Jim Boer
Established Church Report – Spring 2020

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