Accountability AND sustainability

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I believe God calls us to not only accountability but also sustainability.

How can we come around people and give them a hand up rather than a handout. How can we give avoid giving them handouts but give them enough hand ups to the point of independence and sustainability with an understanding that everything you are sustaining is God’s and you’re the life you lead is totally surrendered to Him.

We recently have had two individuals who have stated that can’t attend Cradles of Grace any longer because they are too busy to attend. These individuals have gone from homeless, addicted, without, and starved of community and positive support to the beginning steps of thriving and sustainability.

The ministry received a card recently from one of the individuals who stated, “I really miss seeing each and every one of you! Please remember that if you put your mind to it, and trust in the Lord and live the life with a mindset, “would God be okay with what I am doing?” BIG things can happen for the good.

Always trust in the Lord and yourself!” This individual is now working 3 jobs, has a place of their own, and attends church regularly.

The change in her is a testimony to Gods faithfulness and I look forward to how she will start to lead others, and perhaps lead a small group off campus, to the love of Christ through her own story.

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