A new program called Teen Cuisine

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In early February, The Dock Ministries launched a new program called Teen Cuisine.

Led by instructors from the Michigan State University Extension Program, Teen Cuisine is an introductory class for middle and high school students that teaches the basics of good nutrition, safe food handling, and meal preparation.

Meeting each Monday after school, our attendance soon tripled! The students absolutely love this program!

Each week they slice and chop fresh fruit and vegetables and learn how to put it all together to make an easy meal. To date, our students have made gazpacho soup, twice baked potatoes, apple crisp, granola, and individual pizzas.

Though we are limited in what we can offer due to our kitchen not being outfitted with a stove or oven, we have creatively worked around that using other small appliances and gas grills.

It is our hope to soon be able to expand this program with a more in depth culinary skills class. It is wonderful to watch these students learn these much needed life skills that they will carry into future.

To God be the glory!

    1. We are blessed to have partnered with MSU’s extension in a few different programs. Last year we had computer coding classes and we continue to offer a class called Exito Educativo that provides Latinx families with information about our education system, both high school and higher education. They have also provided us with curriculum for a gardening club that we hope to start in the next year.

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