A new life after coming out of jail

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During the months of July till September, the Community Church Outreach team reached out to neighborhood kids through VBS and Fall Kick Off and started Alpha ministry for neighborhood adults.

One encouraging story is about Mr. J who recently came to Alpha and worship service.

Community Church Outreach coordinator (P. Ezra) met Mr. J when he visited his neighborhood kid’s house which was Mr. J’s next door house. Mr. J was smoking outside his house when P. Ezra approached him and began a conversation. Mr J. just come out of jail a few days prior and was staying in his friend’s house. He shared how hard it was to begin a new life after coming out of jail.

P. Ezra listened to him and shared the Gospel briefly with him.

When Alpha ministry started, P. Ezra invited him to Alpha but was not able to attend from the beginning. However, he came to the worship service instead and attended Alpha that week. He also received help from Community CRC Food Pantry Ministry.

P. Ezra is praying for God’s light to know Christ to shine on the hearts of people like Mr. J and his friend.

Submitted by Ezra Lee
Community CRC Outreach Coordinator

Fall 2019 Established Church Quarterly Report

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