A large bag of yarn

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Gail lives in an assisted living facility.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the facility, Gail is only able to leave the apartment that she and another woman share once a day for a short period of time. She said that she enjoys knitting, but cannot afford to purchase yarn. She asked if VIS knew of an organization that donates yarn.

Believing that someone would have yarn they would be willing to donate, VIS put out the request. Three days later, VIS had a large bag of yarn donated to bring to Gail!

VIS is in the ministry of making connections. Those connections take many forms – transportation, phone calls, emails, prayers, and others, i.e. yarn. During this time of isolation, some of the littlest things bring the greatest joy.

Think about how you can bless someone today with a little token of kindness!

Building Christ’s Kingdom One Life at a Time!
Submitted by Bernita Tuinenga
Diaconal Ministry Report – Summer 2020