A joyful God Moment

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This past month, my husband and I were out canvassing the church neighborhood for our annual VBS event- giving out flyers and personally inviting those people we were able to make contact with. We were a few streets farther than we had planned to go, but saw a group of young children playing outside so we decided to stop and invite them. We talked to the kids, and one boy asked if we would take a flyer next door to his mom.

When she opened the door, I introduced myself as the Outreach Coordinator from Community CRC, and gave her some information and a flyer for VBS. She looked at me and said “I remember you!! You prayed with me a couple years ago when I was trying to buy a house and we thought we had no chance. The next day I got a call that this house was ours. Can I give you a big hug, because I’ve never forgotten that!”

We talked for a few more minutes about the goodness of God, upcoming events and ministries at the church, and prayed together. It was such an amazing and joyful “God moment” that brought us to her door again, and was another reminder of why I’m blessed to do the work God has called me to in Outreach Ministry at Community CRC. Not only do I work in the church neighborhood, but I also live here too-so it’s a double blessing to Love thy neighbor and see God’s handiwork spreading right from my own front door. Praise God!!

Submitted by Robin Claussen
Established Church Quarterly Report

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