A God encounter on my driveway

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Praise God for the reconciling power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A young man (24) Dalton who I had a large falling out with over 12 years ago ended up stopping by my house to vent his anger just a few months ago (to say it lightly, he hated me).

After a God encounter on my driveway, our conversation turned from anger and brokenness to surrendering and reconciliation. Dalton will be baptized in just a few short weeks. He has begun a journey in Christ Kingdom and wants to impact other young people in the local community.

I can not explain how powerful God’s power is at restoring very dark relationships. Church planting is very difficult and trying at times, but God is always at work in peoples lives. He is so faithful even when we stumble. Amen

Submitted by Allen Pontarelli
SW Community Church

A Classis Church Plant

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