A free prayer ebook resource by Emily Vanden Heuvel

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Created by Emily Vanden Heuvel,  one of our pastors!

“I know why I should pray, but sometimes I just don’t know how.”

As ReFrame Ministries’ Prayer Coordinator, these are words I’ve heard often. Have you ever said these words to yourself? I know I have.

Recognizing that prayer can be an intimidating topic for many, our team at ReFrame Ministries has compiled six prayer ideas and strategies into a free ebook guide: “How Do I Pray?” Our hope is that it will help readers reinvigorate their prayer lives, or get started with prayer for the very first time.

You may recognize some of the prayers mentioned in the guide from my past prayer letters. If you don’t need the guide for yourself, would you share it with someone else? Helping others strengthen their faith through prayer is an incredible gift to give. Feel free to send them to this link to sign up, or forward them the ebook download.

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