Through the Holy Spirit

Luke 10: 21 | By Jolene DeHeer


Throughout Luke 10, Jesus is encouraging people to go. He encourages them to go reap the harvest, go bring peace, and go proclaim the Kingdom of God is near. He wants us to go overcome the enemy, and go show mercy. One could argue that is a pretty intimidating list of things we are called to go and do. Reaping the harvest can call us to go to places that are outside our comfort zone. Sometimes the people who need the peace of God reject it. It takes courage to speak up about our faith and proclaim the nearness of God’s kingdom. Besides, the evil one is a formidable adversary. Being merciful to those we don’t know or worse yet, those who have hurt us, is profoundly difficult! Is God serious about this?

He sure is! He knows we won’t be able do it in our own power. We can’t. We are too human. So, God gave the indwelling Holy Spirit to all who believe in Christ. God has done His part. Now we need to do our part by consciously and intentionally submitting to the Spirit’s leading by opening our hearts, minds, and souls to the working of the power of the Holy Spirit within us. Sadly, some people don’t experience the fullness of the Spirit’s presence because they mistakenly rely on their own abilities and strengths, forgetting the supernatural force dwelling inside.  However, as soon as they surrender to the working of the Spirit, the results are beyond their wildest dreams. They discover abilities and strengths greater than their natural selves. They see evidences of God’s kingdom being built through their obedience.  Lives are changed. People are blessed with salvation. God is glorified!

In addition, we also experience joy that comes only when we totally surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit.  Notice the emotion Jesus felt after hearing the good news of the Spirit’s work in and through the disciples. It was joy. Pure, unadulterated joy through the Holy Spirit! That is one of the blessings of obediently “going in the power of the Holy Spirit” to wherever God calls us.


God knows we cannot do the work we have been sent to do on our own so we are given the Holy Spirit.


Father, thank you for the indwelling, all-powerful Holy Spirit. Help me to faithfully, boldly go wherever you call, fully relying on the Spirit’s power within me.  Amen.

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