Established Church Quarterly Report

Established Church Quarterly Report

Contacts with Unchurched people
People in Worship Services
People in small groups
People who became members
People in MInistry

Recent Posts

  • Journey to the Cross

    Journey to the Cross

    Our finite minds will never be able to fully grasp the significance, or magnitude of what Jesus endured and accomplished …
  • Campus Ministry – What it means to me

    Campus Ministry – What it means to me

    An interview with Cameron Martin – Cameron is a senior at GVSU who hails from Rockford Michigan. He loves sports, …
  • Lessons in Outreach

    Lessons in Outreach

    Every Fall, our Outreach team hosts an Alpha course. This is where I first met her-a tiny, friendly lady who …
  • Christ’s Compassionate Heart

    Christ’s Compassionate Heart

    Roberto and Felipe are brothers from Guatemala who are taking ESL and computer classes here at RPM. They are also …
  • Care and Belonging

    Care and Belonging

    Recently another family has connected to City Hope GR. Like many, this family previously felt there wasn’t a place for …

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