Dangerous Faith

Philippians 1:21 | By Jolene DeHeer


March 3, 2023

“For me to live is Christ and to die is gain” Philippians 1:21   It takes faith and courage to say Philippians 1:21 and mean it.  We must cast aside fear and doubt and walk where Jesus walked.  We need more than a safe faith that is comfortable and self-satisfied. We need a “dangerous faith” passionate in its love for the Father and totally submitted to His leading.  The cross reminds us daily that Jesus modeled dangerous faith.  He persistently and willingly took the road of obedience no matter how dangerous it seemed.  Jesus embraced life with a passionate, dangerous faith and we must do the same.   I must confess I don’t like doing anything dangerous in any area of my life, except my faith.  I WANT to have dangerous faith.  I will NOT settle for mediocrity, apathy, or complacency! I will not do just enough to get by or choose to believe I have “arrived.”  I want to live boldly, passionately, totally sold out for Christ!  I want to have a faith that enables me to face the unknown with confidence and hope.  I want a faith that doesn’t think about me first but puts the needs of others ahead of mine.   I want a faith that is so totally submitted to God’s will, so trusting in God’s plan, so reliant on God’s power that no matter what happens I will be able to give God the glory and praise.  I want a faith that shines through me so powerfully that those who don’t know Jesus are drawn like moths to a flame.  I want a faith that believes the impossible, that is content with any circumstance, that is able to rest in God in the midst of uncertainty and difficulty. I want a faith that is not afraid to stand up to injustice and fight for righteousness.  I want a faith that brings me to my knees in humility and gratitude for what my Lord has done for me.  I want a faith that focuses on God’s faithfulness in the past, celebrates His grace in the present, and trusts Him with the future.  I want a dangerous faith!

Prayer:  Forgive us, Lord, when we settle for “safe” faith.  Help us to live boldly and passionately for you. Amen.


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