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Cutlerville East Christian Reformed Church is a family. It’s literally a family, with multiple generations worshiping together. But it’s also a family by choice. Their care for each other draws people from a wide geographical area – Byron Center, Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Jenison and Wyoming.

They pay attention to practical needs. They provide financial assistance for families in the Christian schools. Their Loaves & Fishes meal ministry keeps the church freezer stocked with lovingly prepared meals for those who need them due to illness, surgery recovery, or because a new baby has joined the family. They don’t forget about those who can no longer attend church, but bring the church to them, organizing worship services at local nursing homes.

The pastors and leaders seek to build a solid foundation in the Word and in the faith for every member, so there are multiple opportunities for all ages to receive biblical instruction and encouragement. It starts on Sundays with children’s worship, Sunday school, children’s choir, catechism, youth group meetings, and multiple adult Bible study and fellowship meetings. And proceeds through Monday and Tuesday adult Bible studies, Wednesday GEMS and Cadets, Thursday adult and handbell choir rehearsals, and Saturday morning men’s Bible study, not to mention youth group events and adult small groups that meet based on common interests.

Through these small groups and strong biblical preaching and teaching, the faithful at Cutlerville East are equipped to become ambassadors for Christ in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and beyond.

Latest Sermons

  • God's Greatest Dream

    Over the course of the new church year, we will spend our evenings in the Old Testament, the Bible Jesus read and quoted, and which points to him.  We begin with the first words spoken and written in the Bible: "In the beginning God" - a transcendent, all powerful, eternal, personal being - "created the heavens and the earth".  And the world has never been the same.  These words, the whole Bible, are God's great gift to us.  But they lead us to ask some basic questions: who is God?  Why creation?  What's His relation to us?Scripture: Genesis 1-2

  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray

    One day Jesus' disciples asked: "Lord, teach us to pray."  What are they asking?  How does Jesus answer?  We will explore this over the next several weeks in a series on the Lord's Prayer, focusing in particular on what we can learn from the Jewish background of this prayer.Scripture: Luke 11:1-3; Matthew 6:5-15

  • Held By His Hand

Investments & Connections

  • Small Groups

    Small groups keep the adults of Cutlerville East engaged and learning: two groups on Sundays, one for men on Mondays, one for women on Tuesdays, choirs on Thursdays, Loaves & Fishes, and groups that form around common interests (fishing, reading, board games).

  • Childern & Students

    The youth program at Cutlerville East is grounded in the Word, yet never stodgy. Lively GEMS and Cadet meetings keep both leaders and kids hopping. Middle school and high school youth groups meet regularly for fellowship and encouragement.

  • Music

    The music ministry unites the congregation. They experience deep joy and fellowship through traditional hymns and songs.