Classical Ministerial Leadership Team Policy Statement

Deadline for applying for the 2018-2019 academic year is  February 15, 2018

  1. The purpose of the Classical Ministerial Leadership Team (CMLT) is to provide financial assistance to students who desire to prepare themselves for Gospel Ministry in the CRC. The term “Gospel Ministry” as found in the Rules of Classis shall be understood to include both ordained and non-ordained church ministry positions. The classis has recently expanded this under paragraph 6.
  2. Students in both college programs and in the Seminary program shall be eligible for grants in aid, but distribution shall be made on the basis of need. The CMLT shall require a complete financial statement, including what part parents can contribute. This statement shall serve the CMLT as a guide to need.
  3. In addition to the requirements listed in the Rules of Classis of an applicant, the CMLT shall seek an evaluation of the student from his or her local church consistory.
  4. Each applicant shall have an initial interview with the CMLT before aid can be granted.
  5. Students shall be eligible for support, according to need, for any and all years of preparation which are mandatory for candidacy or degree program for full-time ministry in the Christian Reformed denomination. However, the CMLT shall be aware that internships and some aspects of the required field work are duly compensated, so that for certain phases of preparation, aid may not be necessary.
  6. Those who do not enter church ministry upon completion of their training shall be required to repay their grant in full. Non-ordained graduates who serve in a para-church or missional agency, which is not specifically Christian Reformed, but who maintain their CRC membership, shall meet the requirements of fulfilling their obligation to Classis if approved by the CMLT. Those who enter into church ministry shall consider their obligation to repay their grant in aid terminated after five full-time years in the ministry, ten part-time years in the ministry, or an equivalent combination. Those who leave the Christian Reformed Ministry prior to five full-time years of service or ten part-time years of service are obligated to repay their grant with the understanding that the debt is reduced twenty percent for each year of full-time service and ten percent for each year of part-time service.
  7. Grants paid are subject to the review of the September and January meeting of Classis. The first half of the year’s aid shall be disbursed following the September meeting and the second half of the year’s aid shall be disbursed following the January meeting of Classis.
  8. All applicants (including returning ones) need to submit the following four things, with one exception: returning applicants do not need to answer the five questions on the form of the Online Application (sub-point three):
    1. A written letter of recommendation from the consistory of your home church (where your membership resides).
    2. A complete FINANCIAL STATEMENT of the current fiscal year (June 1 to May 31 of the following year).
    3. Completed ONLINE APPLICATION, including answers to four questions found on the Application.
    4. Agree to the above POLICY STATEMENT (by clicking yes on online application)
  9. Grants for one year are not renewable for the following year. Students must apply each year.

Classical Ministerial Leadership Team
Classis Grand Rapids South

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