A Transition…

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You may have seen it on Television or in a Civil War movie. The officer stands erect while another authority figure tears the amulets of the man’s shoulder, accepts his sword and, with flair, breaks … Read More

70×7 Life Recovery

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Anthony was mandated to come 70×7 Life Recovery by Cherry Health’s Community Alternatives Program, a federal halfway house. As is often the case, Anthony had low expectations for another mandatory program to attend while on … Read More

…the closing blessing

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One of the things we have started in worship at City Hope GR is inviting each other to share the closing blessing and participate, as able. Specifically, we invite those interested to come forward to … Read More

The Dock Ministries

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With the start of this current school year, The Dock Ministries set sail for another wonderful year of ministry to the middle and high school students of the Kelloggsville Public School District. And what a … Read More

Theological Book Network

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two women talking in a library holding a book

Over the next two years, Theological Book Network will provide significant collection development support for 12-15 of the leading graduate or postgraduate theological schools in India. These schools are recognized leaders in the country, playing … Read More