Agreement for Financial Aid

To receive financial assistance from Classis Grand Rapids South, applicants must agree to the following policies:

  1. I will not discontinue my studies or cut back on my course load for any length of time without first discussing this with the Classis Ministerial Leadership Team
  2. I will explain to the Classis Ministerial Leadership Team any irregularities which may occur in my conduct, academic status, or belief. Should I depart from the doctrinal position of the Christian Reformed Church, I will notify the Classis Ministerial Leadership Team and my consistory.
  3. The classis retains the right to withdraw assistance because of irregularities. Also, should I not enter full-time ministry in a Christian Reformed Church, I will repay their grants in full.
  4. I understand that upon entering ministry in the CRC I can consider any obligation to repay to have terminated after five full-time years in the ministry, ten part-time years in the ministry, or an equivalent combination years of service. If I leave the Christian Reformed Church ministry prior to five full-time years of service, or ten part-time years of service, or an equivalent combination of years, I will repay all grants to me understanding that the debt is reduced twenty percent for each full-time year of service and ten percent for each part-time year of service.
  5. Upon completion of studies, non-ordained graduates who serve in a para-church or missional agency, which is not specifically Christian Reformed, but who maintain their CRC membership, shall meet the requirements of fulfilling their obligation to Classis if approved by the CMLT.
  6. I understand that if I desire to receive funds from classis, it is my responsibility to re-apply each year.
  7. I understand that it will be my responsibility to ensure the Classis Ministerial Leadership Team receives verification of my registration before I receive funds.
  8. Grants are approved by the May Classis meeting, and are subject to the review of the September and January meeting of Classis. The payments will be made following Classis in September and January.

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