Jacob Zandstra – Leadership Development Recipient

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Share your Christian testimony and why you are seeking to enter ministry leadership.
I grew up in the Christian Reformed Church with my father being a pastor at multiple churches around the West Michigan area. Through this upbringing, I have developed a love for God and a passion for furthering his kingdom. I began involvement in the church recently when I joined the music planning committee and the praise team at Wayland CRC. In addition to music, I also have a passion for learning, particularly about theology, and I wish to gain an understanding of it to become a more useful tool in God’s master plan.

Share how a relationship you built with another person (preferably not an immediate family member) opened a door of opportunity for you, in any aspect of your life…

One of my closest friends has led worship at multiple churches and worship events. He helped not only my musical abilities but my ability to use those gifts to glorify the Lord. He also invited me to play for his church a few times which started my passion for leading worship.